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  • The Stanwell Heathrow Hotel
  • 171 Town Lane
  • Stanwell, Middlesex
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The name Stanwell comes from the Anglo Saxon word meaning the "Stone Well" which you can still see on Town Lane today.  In years gone by, people used to visit Stanwell for the healing qualities of its water, as Stanwell was full of springs. There is evidence of a settlement here, long before Saxon times; during construction of Heathrow Airport, evidence of a significant Neolithic ritual site was found which could have been as old as Stonehenge. An entry in the Doomsday book by William The Conqueror in 1086 confirms this.
That same year the parish was held by William Fitz Other (later to take the name of Windsor) who was patriach of one of the most famous Norman - Irish families, the Geraldines. His family was forced to hand over the estate to King Henry VIII in 1543 and the manorial estate remained under royal ownership until 1603 when they were granted to Lord Thomas Knyvett. (famous for arresting Guy Fawkes and foiling the "gunpowder plot" in 1605.)
The Church of St. Mary the Virgin dates (in part) to the Norman era (12th century) and was completed over the next two centuries. It has a leaning spire and towers over the small village green. The houses around the village green were built during the 18th and 19th centuries and some of the pubs have been mentioned as far back as 1730.

There has almost certainly been a Manor House in Stanwell, we think located at Stanwell Place which was occupied by the Windsor Lords. Stanwell Place with its 22 acres was bought by Sir John Gibson in 1920 and sold to King Feisal of Iraq in 1948 who at the time was still a Prince studying at Harrow. It remained in his possession until his assassination in 1954. Sadly it was finally demolished and all that remains are the ornate gates commissioned by Sir John Gibbons in 1760 which have a now preservation order on them. The Stanwell Hotel is the last remaining Victorian house in the village.

The property was built in 1900 and was owned by a solicitor Mr Gardener with extensive land around it which is Trinity Close today. On many occasions he accepted goods in lieu of payment i.e. the stained glass window in the Knyvett Room. However, the crest was not his.

The house was purchased by a Mr. E E (Jock) Parke and opened in 1951 as The Stanwell Hall Hotel; this was the first ever hotel to open and operate at Heathrow Airport, formerly The Great West Aerodrome which had opened in 1946 as London’s main commercial airport.
In 1956/7 the number of bedrooms was increased from 9 to 50. In 1961 some of the garden was sold and Studley Priory (nr Oxford) was purchased. Over the next few years bathrooms were added and the number of rooms reduced to 21.
His son Jeremy Parke took it over in the early nineties, he sold off some of the land for residential development (Trinity Close) but continued to run it and his other hotel in Oxfordshire, The Studley Priory.
In 2006 Ian Hall purchased The Stanwell Hall Hotel to add to his TravelRest brand. After growing the business very successfully in a short space of time, Ian put it up for sale in 2007 and in August of that year, The Stanwell Hall Hotel was acquired by The Hotel Collection Ltd (the operators) in partnership with Albion Ventures Ltd (the financiers and formerly Close Ventures Ltd).